Info for Sponsors

Donations from our sponsors help make Bliss Handmade fun and exciting! Our shoppers love to linger near the prize table, carefully perusing all of the handmade goods and gift certificates up for grabs. For our 2012 Holiday Boutique, we plan on drawing names throughout the day, every half hour if possible, and giving away both individual prizes and goodie bags. At past boutiques, our generous sponsors have donated items such as

  • a gift certificate to their online candle shop
  • a wrapped gift basket filled with gourmet treats
  • a handmade, decorative 5x7 picture frame
  • a handmade fabric necklace
  • handmade earrings for our goodie bags
  • handmade mustache lollipops for our goodie bags
  • a handmade, appliqued throw pillow
  • handmade felt hair accessories
  • a collection of hand-painted 5x7 cards for our goodie bags
  • Euphoria chocolate bars for our goodie bags
  • tons of beautiful, handmade jewelry
  • gift certificates to local retailers
  • and more!

Whether you'd like to donate a beautiful, handmade item, a gift certificate or store credit to your online shop, or 10 small goodie bag items, we'd love to have you as a sponsor! Please email us at and let us know that you'd like to be part of the Bliss Handmade 2012 Holiday Boutique!


Stats for our sponsors:

  • At our holiday boutique last year, we had 18 generous sponsors donate over $1200 in prizes, and 13 local and online retailers donated items for this year's spring event!
  • We had between 400 and 500 shoppers at our events last year!
  • Our website averaged over 250 hits per day in the week preceding our 2011 Holiday Boutique, with even more daily pageviews for our 2012 Spring Boutique!

As a way of saying Thank You to our sponsors, we can offer lots of free advertising on our blog, in our print ads, and at the boutique.  
  • Each sponsor's logo will be posted on our blog's sidebar from now until the event on November 10th, and probably until our 2013 Spring event rolls around at the end of the year and we have new sponsors to take care of.  The logos will be linked to your website/blog/Facebook page.
  • We will write a post on the blog just before the boutique briefly highlighting each prize and sponsor, and will include photos and links to your shop/website.
  • We will include your logo on the bottom of all of our printed fliers and posters.
  • At the boutique on November 10th, our prize display will include all of the actual prizes and a poster listing all of our sponsors.
  • Each goodie bag given away at the boutique on November 10th will have a list attached to it stating what items are inside and who they were donated by.
  • We will be giving away 1 goodie bag on our blog shortly before the boutique on November 10th. The give-away will be open to all US residents, which means lots and lots of visitors to the website, and lots of eyes on your products!
We look forward to hearing from you!!