Thursday, November 4, 2010

Vendor Spotlight: Wrist Whimsy

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A couple of years ago, I was looking for a gift idea for a group of women who had been in a year-long Bible study with me. We had studied the life of Moses and I wanted to make something for them to remind them of our time together. I had never beaded before, but I decided to make each woman a multi-colored bracelet to represent the colorful life of Moses--brown to represent the desert, blue fore the water when the Red Sea was parted, red for the blood sacrifices, purple for the tabernacle curtains. It was trial and error, but in the end, I had fifteen colorful, glass bead bracelets for these women. They were thrilled with their gifts and I loved beading, so I kept creating. I gave colorful bracelets to my family, friends, neighbors, sons' teacher, co-workers, and then ran out of women to give them to, but I kept on beading. When I had acquired about 100 bracelets, my husband suggested I try and sell them to "support my beading habit." I went to a small festival and sold enough bracelets to know I was on to something fun and Wrist Whimsy began!

Wrist Whimsy began as a bracelet business until the whimsical, fun style spilled over into bookmarks, purse pulls, and lanyards.

Visit the Wrist Whimsy website HERE.


  1. Hi! I like the bright fun colors of your bracelets and accessories! Good luck at the show!

  2. Awesome! Sign me up.

    RachAHansen at msn dot com

  3. My kids would love these.

  4. Enter me! Enter me! LOVE them! I know a few people on my Christmas list that would too! ctittelfitz

  5. Beautiful color...great stocking stuffers!!!

  6. Fun ! maybe I wouldn't lose my keys with those sparkles! =) Christina

  7. CUTE!!! Tawny Crane