Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Giveaway Winners!

Below are the winners of the vendor spotlight giveaways we've been having. There are some very lucky folks out there who won multiple gift certificates! If you are a winner, please see April at the Simple Additions booth at the Bliss Handmade Boutique tomorrow night between 6 and 9 PM to claim your prize. If you don't know April personally, make sure you bring your drivers license so we don't give prizes to the wrong people. The gift certificates are good tomorrow only, so don't miss out!

Awedore Studios--Anna Glazier
Cardtoons by enc--Kirsten
CheekyMonkeyLove--Kristine Stecker
Dear Prudence--Nicole Radke
DeLuca Designs--Heidi Wilson
Elegant Sports Jewelry--Sandra Evans
Emily Ruth Designs--Denise
Esther Lee Jewelry--Denise Prewett
Henna Creations--Sandra Evans
Launa's Sewing Garden--Denise
Max and Ellie--Anna Glazier
Moon Root Soaps--Nicole Radke
More is Better!--Anna Glazier
Quilt Art Ala Carte--Sandra Evans
S. Young Photography--Anna Glazier
Said In Stone--Sandra Evans
Scentsy--Heidi Wilson
Sebold Stitches--Nicole Radke
Simple Additions--Nicole Radke
Somethin' Shiny--Mrs. Bradlie
The Flaming Pearl--TheAkinsFamily
The Sassy Cupcake--Anashct
ViVO Candles--Mrs. Bradlie


  1. Thank you so much! Can't wait! I am sharing the event too!

  2. Oh I'm soo excited!! I can't wait till tonight!

  3. Had a great time & what a bag full of treasures!!