Thursday, November 8, 2012

Meet the Hilton Garden Inn!

For anyone who didn't make it to our 2012 Spring Boutique, we'd like to introduce you to the Hilton Garden Inn in Springfield! We are so happy to be having our Bliss Handmade 2012 Holiday Boutique there this Saturday. Here are some of the reasons we love the Hilton Garden Inn, and we think you'll love it too:

It is conveniently located at 3528 Gateway Street in Springfield, on the northeast corner of Gateway and Beltline!

There's even a restaurant serving breakfast and dinner in the hotel!
Great American Grill

It is quite lovely!

There's a TV in the bar just outside the door to the ballroom, just in case you need to watch a little ol' football game in between purchases!

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  1. Are you having a 2013 sale? I'd like to participate again this year.

    Thank you,
    Nancy Gowins