Monday, November 5, 2012

Special Vendor: WellMama

We have a very special vendor to introduce you to today, a group that we are thrilled to be working with at the Bliss Handmade 2012 Holiday Boutique: WellMama~Maternal Mental Health Support Services.  WellMama is a comprehensive nonprofit providing prenancy and postpartum mental health support to women and their families in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. They support families struggling with emotions related to reproductive health issues, including pregnancy, the first few years postpartum, adoption, infertility, and perinatal loss.

WellMama will be raising money this Saturday with a goal of $1000 to fund an additional WellMama Support Group for the winter months this year and in early 2013. For a suggested donation of $2/item, they'll be offering

Hand-Dipped Dark, Semi-Sweet, and White Chocolate Pretzel Rods
Hot Apple Cider
Fresh Organic Apples
Fresh Organic Baby Carrots with Dressing

We couldn't be happier about having WellMama join us at the Bliss Handmade 2012 Holiday Boutique this weekend, and encourage all of our shoppers to help them reach their goal! Their contact info is listed below.

Warm Line: 1-800-896-0410


  1. THANK YOU!!!

    We are soooo excited about partnering with the Bliss Handmade Team! It's a huge honor.

    We know that more women in our region (1 in 4) suffer from emotional distress during pregnancy and postpartum compared to the averages across the country. We also know that more women call WellMama asking for help during the dark and gloomy seasons of winter and spring.

    That's why we have set a goal to raise $1,000 to add one more support group to the 6 we currently provide. Please donate at the Boutique or online at:

    Thank you for helping WellMama shed more light, comfort, and compassion into a sad or agitated new mom's life. With an increase of support and sometimes treatment, she will be able to get better and feel like herself again. Thank you for becoming part of the support she needs.

  2. I think this is wonderful! You can count on my support this weekend!